ISS has been contracted to design and implement the next generation of the IVANS Insurance Consumer and Agency Web Portal. The new, rich web application will combine the functionality of all existing IVANS Insurance web applications to provide a seamless experience for insurance carriers, agents, and consumers.


ISS has been contracted by Statistical Solutions to research and develop a new, high-speed data warehouse architecture for the purpose of allowing complex statistical analysis of very large-scale patient medical records data sets using the most advanced column-oriented database technologies available (InfiniDB/Calpont, InfoBright).


Recovery Manager Pro

ISS recently delivered Recovery Manager Pro Version 3.0 (RMP). RMP's state-of-the-art technology and reasonable prices make the everyday tasks of tracking, investigating, and processing assets automated, streamlined and accurate.

When combined with the search and reporting capabilities of the MVTRAC tracking system (also a product of ISS!), it has created a new dimension in asset recovery where all parties involved can seamlessly collaborate and get instant access to the most important information about their cases.


Financial Instrument Tracking System Delivery

Innovative Systems & Software, Inc., in conjunction with Senour Designs, Inc. announces the rollout of its new Financial Instruments Tracking System (FITS) for use by the commercial equipment leasing/lending industry. The unique new product provides end-to-end support for the acquisition and management of financial products.

Driven by roles-based controls, FITS offers companies greater flexibility in managing the work flow of activities as transactions move through the various origination stages through the transaction management cycle to the final end-of-term activities.


Financial Instrument Tracking System Design and Development

nnovative Systems & Software, Inc. proundly announces an effort to develop the Financial Instruments Tracking System (FITS), which is a comprehensive fiscal tracking and analysis application for medium to large enterprises operating in the lease management and accounting industries.

ISS has been selected to be the primary developer for the Financial Instrument Tracking System (FITS) by one of the leading lease accounting companies, Senour Designs, Inc. (SDI). In February of 2005, SDI formed an alliance that will be a first in the leasing industry. SDI has formed a strategic alliance with ISS, Cyence International, a provider of financial collaboration software, and Ivory Consulting, a provider of pricing analysis software to create a first for the equipment leasing and finance industry: an integrated lease and loan transaction processing system designed from the front end to the back end.


Satellite Network Monitor & Control System

ISS and Northrop Grumman SATCOM formed a development partnership today to design and implement a next-generation Network Monitor and Control System (NMACS) for satellite equipment for the United States Department of Defense.

The NMACS system is comprised of multiple network components, each responsible for a different monitor or control task. All monitor and control interfaces are available remotely via a web interface and use the Extensible Markup Language (XML) to transfer data. To achieve realtime updates in the web environment, a high-performance ActiveX control was written to perform transparent background communication with the server, while allowing the user to browse through the interface. The web interfaces and ActiveX control can be loaded into almost any browser, and can even run under Linux.

Each of the network components also acts as a SNMP Network Management Server (NMS) and Agent, so that the control system can be fully integrated into HP OpenView (and other) Network Management Systems.


Human Physiological Simulator Development

ISS recently won a contract to design and implement a new Homeland Security-related product for the United States Department of Defense. The new product consists of a Human Physiological Simulator (HPS) to be used for the testing of polygraph systems and the training of US polygrapher staff.

The HPS is a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that exports all the functions necessary to create and modify medical waveform data. The HPS system achieves realistic medical data through the use of advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms. All of the supported waveforms are implemented as discrete or continuous time and frequency domain DSP models contained in an external XML file so that they can be modified by qualified statisticians/users. The system is capable of producing almost any medical waveform, and also supports a highly-sophisticated physiological noise model (not equipment or electrical noise) for extremely realistic medical data.

The Human Physiological Simulator is capable of producing realistic, realtime data that accurately approximates medical waveforms generated by the human body, such as EEG, EKG, GSC, EDA, TRA, and ARA. The resulting data can be used to test medical monitoring devices.